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“You have made me so happy. Every time I see these videos I laugh. I love that. We need to laugh." -Kelly Clarkson, November 2020

With sultry, nostalgic RnB instrumentation and clever comical lyricism, TimaLikesMusic takes listeners through daily emotional journeys. As a creator, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, she composes content that's been played more than 50 million times on Instagram's Reels. Tima’s big break came as a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show last
November, where she performed an exclusive jingle written for the episode.

“Fans adore her relatable content — she’s sung about everything from the
awkwardness of social interactions, to how to properly wear a face mask, to the
frustration of getting only one sauce packet with her fast food meal.”

-NY Post, July 2021 

The Tima Tape Vol. 1 dropped in November and featured "Don't Hold The
Door," a full-length version of the jingle that had exploded on Instagram and
jumpstarted her career. Following The Tima Tape Vol. 1 came "Take Me Out"
- a funky 90s jam featuring Ms. Charlotte, who happens to be Tima's mom.

Tima's song "Black Joy,” a track that celebrates loving the skin that you're in,
was part of an Instagram Feature campaign on Reels & IGTV and received
more than 27 million plays combined on the official Instagram and NAACP


Tima has performed in venues like The Gramercy Theatre, Hammerstein
Ballroom, and on the grounds of Woodstock, taking the stage with The
Internet & Zach Matari while also opening for Aaron Carter. She has
composed music for multiple National Public Media projects and the YouTube

podcast, The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy.

The NJ Star Ledger dubbed TimaLikesMusic a 2021 Artist To Watch. 

“Her music is unique, mixing synths, keyboard, samples, and vocals for
groovy beats. The humor she brings to the table is endearing and maintains a
fun, meme-inspired atmosphere, making her content all the more mesmerizing

and enjoyable.” -Screenrant, February 2021


You can see TimaLikesMusic daily on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and
Twitter. She contributes regularly to her Patreon page, Cameo, and LinkedIn.

In her free time, Tima likes to take long walks on the beach and let her phone

die at critical times of the day.