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TimaLikesMusic is able to be an advocate for your brand! View various examples of her brand partnerships below and reach out if you're interested in a partnership.



Along with National Public Media, TimaLikesMusic has composed and produced numerous instrumental tracks to be played behind ads for brands such as Ford Mustang, Wise, BASF, and more.

Ralph Lauren Square Logo

Along with Fulton Street Music Group, TimaLikesMusic composed and produced the background music for Ralph Lauren's documentary around the formation of historically Black colleges & universities and their impact on American culture today.

Netflix Logo

Featured on Iliza Shelsinger's newest Netflix special Hot Forever, TimaLikesMusic wrote and composed the theme song you hear in the beginning and during the credits of the special.

Sennheiser Square Logo

As a huge fan of Sennheiser products, TimaLikesMusic has partnered with them to feature their equipment in various unboxing videos. You can see Tima use Sennheiser equipment during her live performances.


TimaLikesMusic partnered with FedEx recently to be part of their NFL Playoff Half-Time Concert Series. Tima went live on TikTok during the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills game.

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